Winner of a Web Excellence Award
Winner of a Summit Creative Award and Web Excellence Award
Winner of a Summit Creative Award, eHealthcare Award, and Web Excellence Award

Digital experience you can trust.

We're Wayfinder. A diverse digital experience design agency with a passion for creating exceptional data-driven user experiences and proud recipient of dozens of digital design awards.

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From minimum loveable products to full‑fledged production solutions, companies like UL, Hitachi, Toyota, and FedEx rely on Wayfinder to create digital solutions that engage their audiences, inspire action and drive business forward.

Explore Our Work

Experience you can trust

Over the past 15 years, our talented team has collaborated with dozens of individuals and organizations to do great things. More than anything, we value the relationships we’ve made and the trust we’ve earned.

Experience you can trust


Whatever your challenges and goals, we have the experience, skills, and capabilities to get you where you want to be.

Business Analysis

We collect any available intelligence and partner with you to identify and evaluate requirements through interviews and interactive workshops.


Knowledge is the cornerstone of the best solutions. We plan and conduct quantitative and qualitative research to collect the intelligence needed to inform our solutions.

Experience Audits

We audit the key dimensions of your digital solutions to identify issues, gaps, and opportunities for improvement.


We identify your competitors and relevant organizational models to understand what you’re up against and how we can do better.

Digital Strategy

Our business, design, and technology teams sift through, analyze, and interpret the intelligence gathered to define a clear, actionable plan to enable your success.

Experience Design

Through sketches, wireframes, process diagrams, mockups, prototypes, and a healthy dose of collaboration we deliver exceptional digital experiences to satisfy any challenge.

Content Development

We secure and create original photos, data visualizations, illustrations, animations, videos, and copy to extend and enhance your brand.

Testing & Validation

We conduct live and remote testing to validate ideas, ensure your business goals and audience needs are met, and reduce costs.


From content management to APIs and frameworks, we use modern methodologies and the latest technologies to breath life into our digital solutions.

Service Integrations

Whether your goal is to capture marketing data to make more informed decisions or elevate your customer service, we integrate the services to up your game.

Design & Development Systems

We document the visual, interaction, and technical standards to ensure consistency, speed development, and reduce costs.


We collaborate with you to monitor and measure your website performance to ensure its health and enable its growth.

With complex problems to solve and many stakeholders to please, Wayfinder has been able to help us make decisions using data, recommended UX best practices and deliver sophisticated designs within tight time constraints. It has been a pleasure working with them the last 5 years.

UX Lead, UL