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To help make Chabad a "home away from home" for Jewish college students, we created a modern website focused on human stories that connect people worldwide.

Case StudyUI/UX Design, Information Architecture, Content Strategy

The Challenge

Chabad seeks to foster a sense of connection and community on college campuses, but their original website featured dated technology and design. Chabad's leadership saw the chance to create a more user-friendly digital presence as an opportunity to better meet its communication goals and modernize the brand's appeal to college-age users.

Our Solution

How do you digitally market an organization that is, at its heart, a live community experience? By bringing human stories to the forefront. Working with our development partners at Phalanx Systems, we let real student stories communicate the value of Chabad to prospective members.

Content Strategy

Through interviews with the Chabad team and analysis of the existing site, we devised a new architecture and content flow that focused on rich and engaging stories from both internal and student content providers. This story-driven approach gives people another reason to come back to the site–to meet someone new.

Responsive Design

We know that college audiences are rarely stationary and almost always using some type of mobile device. With this in mind, we focused on creating a smooth, stable mobile experience with defined breakpoints that enable people to engage with the organization and gain access to information–whether on campus on the move.

Social Support

To extend a sense of real community to the digital space, we added ways to integrate the site with the social channels that matter to our young adult audience. Whether it's through Instagram, Facebook, Twitter or other channels, students and Chabad community leaders can easily share their favorite moments, coordinate live events and more.

Our Impact

This new experience is currently under development and will launch soon. The Chabad team is looking forward to having a centralized solution that allows them to manage content, share stories, and coordinate and promote events to students worldwide. We'll share an update when we launch.

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