FedEx Customer On-Boarding Experience

Across Latin America, FedEx found recurring problems in their digital customer experience, so they asked Wayfinder to develop a comprehensive solution.

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The Challenge

FedEx Latin America had to refine its digital user experience and educate customers about new online tools. For instance, customers would open a business account but fail to register online, leading to a deluge of unnecessary calls. Customers also weren't aware of the My FedEx Rewards program or online services that could save them a trip to a FedEx location.

Our Solution

Receiving both regional and local emails from FedEx created a fragmented customer experience. By thoroughly mapping the existing UX, we were able to create a new model for how (and when) to better communicate based on specific user journeys. Our new strategy solved issues related to email timing, frequency, design, messaging and more.


The first step in the process was comprehensive documentation of current issues and pain points. We went through the customer process ourselves to create detailed experience maps covering every type of user and interaction, from the very first touchpoint to the end, accounting for different variables along the way.

Rethinking the UX

Research data gave us the insights needed to map out a better user experience path that solved our initial challenges. We created an improved email content strategy with new on-boarding, reminder and follow-up emails, as well as landing pages with adaptable content depending on the customer type and their location.

Improving the UI

We designed all-new communications according to FedEx brand standards and our own digital best practices. Emails were kept short and simple, with clear calls to action and buttons. Landing pages were designed to direct the eye towards opportunities to take action or to simply learn something new about FedEx services.

Impact: Loaded and Launched

All assets for FedEx's new digital strategy in Latam are complete and currently being deployed to customers across the region. We'll update this space with more information on performance metrics and business impact as data becomes available.

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