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Good tech can take the time and hassle out of simple daily activities, like finding and paying for a parking space. Check out what we did for ParkJockey's iOS mobile app.

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The Challenge

At the core of parking startup ParkJockey's business is their iOS mobile app. But when they sought out Wayfinder, the app didn't reflect the company's updated branding, and customer feedback called for new changes and features. So ParkJockey asked us to optimize and improve the user experience from the ground-up.

Our Solution

To solve the challenge, we established a whole new user experience and interface on par with their new branding. We added a home dashboard that marketed new offerings, created a more consistent navigation, added new app functionality, created new map visualization and established all-new visual standards for use throughout the UI.

Experience Research

The first step in the process was comprehensive documentation of current issues and pain points. We went through the customer process ourselves to create detailed experience maps covering every type of user and interaction, from the very first touchpoint to the end, accounting for different variables along the way.

UX Refinement

In updating the UX, we made the home screen a dashboard that we can easily update with new messaging and functionality. Finding, reserving and paying for parking is now easier than ever, with improved maps and smoother interactivity. Users also learn about new features along the way and can jump to any part of the app in just a few clicks.

UI Facelift

The UI underwent serious changes to match ParkJockey's new brand. We redesigned the whole interface–colors, fonts, buttons and more–and established new visual standards in the process . By nature, this app is more mobile than most and has a higher chance of being used on the go, so we made it fast, clean and simple.

Impact:Funded for the Future

The portal streamlines a once laborious and time-consuming process, and does so through an attractive and user-friendly interface inspired by the best of today's project management tools. The fonts, fields, buttons, graphics, and architecture were all carefully planned and iterated to achieve an interface that serves diverse users across various devices.

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