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How do you communicate both expertise and knowledge? Through a portal that blends curated editorial content with strong services marketing.

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The Challenge

UL has long been trusted worldwide to advance healthcare safety, but they wanted to leverage their global teams and experience to more clearly brand themselves as a total solutions provider for the medical industry, and especially for medical device-makers.

Our Solution

Our response to this challenge was new web portal that communicates UL's approach to, and value in, providing market access solutions for the medical industry. The new Medical Solutions portal establishes UL's expertise and credibility, and shows how they are able to hand-hold customers through many types of challenges.

Robust Content

Through expert copywriting, we communicate how UL Medical Solutions offers medical partners streamlined access to target markets via their local presence and global expertise.

Crisp UX/UI

Because so much of this portal's marketing power is in its function as a knowledge bank, we designed it to be clean, clear and modern. It's very easy to read, navigate and interact with.

Mobile Ready

The desktop UI adapts beautifully to mobile devices, so that users everywhere can benefit from our content–especially in countries where internet access is predominantly mobile.

Impact: Funded for the Future

The portal streamlines a once laborious and time-consuming process, and does so through an attractive and user-friendly interface inspired by the best of today's project management tools. The fonts, fields, buttons, graphics, and architecture were all carefully planned and iterated to achieve an interface that serves diverse users across various devices.

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