Since 2004, Wayfinder has collaborated with individuals, new ventures, and large enterprises to solve problems that matter and design digital experiences that make a difference.

We plan and conduct research, and design and develop websites and web-based applications that educate, enable, entertain, and entice your audiences. Meet our team, explore our values, and let's talk about the great things we can do for you.

Our Process

Successful partnerships rely on clear communication and collaboration. We partner with you to collect, analyze, and interpret the intelligence needed to solve your most complex challenges. We do this by following our common-sense and time-tested process.

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1. Discover

We ask the right questions, listen, observe and collect the intelligence needed to make the most informed decisions.

2. Define

We clearly define objectives, map the current state, and analyze all available information to identify opportunities and define the plan that best meets your goals and needs.

3. Design

Our creativity knows no bounds. Regardless of the challenge to be solved, we are united by our appreciation of good design and our dedication to create great work.

4. Develop

Technology comes in more flavors than ice cream. We embrace the best of leading development methods to realize our solutions and solve your challenges.

5. Evolve

Because there's always room for improvement, we evaluate solutions against metrics to identify gaps, measure value, and plan enhancements.


To create thoughtful and engaging user experiences and digital products that provide value for our clients and their audiences in a highly collaborative environment.


To continue to learn and evolve as individuals and as an organization, share our knowledge and experiences with the world, and use the power of design to create a better future.


We embrace transparency, collaboration, cooperation, honesty, empathy, integrity, humility, diversity, authenticity, flexibility, decisiveness, intelligence, curiosity, science, process, creativity, simplicity, complexity, elegance, data and information, detail, precision, quality, speed, and passion.

We Live to Collaborate

We break down barriers and bring people and points-of-view together to solve business challenges and do great work.

We know that the best solutions are informed by experience, data, and insights.

Chinmoy Raval, CEO and CXO

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